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      Hi everyone,

      This is Ali, I am new here, and I
      would like to ask all of you

      I am looking for a camcorder, but to
      be honest I do not have any Idea about what to buy. I am looking for something
      that can give me Real HD, and can record in the memory not in camcorderVideotape. I want to make some
      movies and put it in the YouTube, or send it to channels in the near future.
      Also, what is the best website to buy it from?

      I can
      spend from 2000 $ to 3000$.


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      Daniel HartDaniel Hart

      As far as websites go… I’m a big fan of For the camera, it really depends what type of video you’ll be producing. You said I want to make some movies, does that mean short films, or just something simple like a VLOG?

      You sound like a beginner, so you may not need a super fancy camera do accomplish what you want to accomplish. Do you need things like, manual focus or iris control? Do you need any type of microphone input? If you, not can find a pretty decent camera for closer to around $1000. However, if you’re already willing to spend between $2000-$3000. Then maybe you should go ahead and buy the nicest camera you can afford.

      Here’s a list of cameras that seem to fit all your needs.

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