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      Looking to buy an audio music maker kind of software
      This is for amateur type projects, but I would like to get a pretty good program to start.
      Currently, I have the Sony Audio Forge, Sony Vegas Pro 8.0.
      I’ve looked around alot on the web for audio loops and such.
      Found alot of stuff, but not really what I’m looking for.
      So, I think a Lego type build your own music thing might be the best go for me.
      I have been looking at Music Maker 15 by Magix and Sony Acid (not pro version).
      The Sony Acid is supposed to be easy to learn with all the tutors and such.
      Both programs I mentioned are about the same in price.

      I am not a musician or anything close, but with pre-built blocks of music I can probably work through building some decent loops… I would think. LOL

      I will also look into any opensource software as well.

      I Sure would appreciate any input or suggestions.

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      Have you looked at Sony’s Cinescore? I have it and use it. It itegrates well with Vegas and comes with quite a selection of music when you buy the program. It also has additional music packs you can buy. You can even download individual pieces from those packs. The software allows you to tweak the whole piece and adjust for time.

      They have a complete tutorial of Cinescore on their website that shows you how to use it. It should provide enough information for you to decide if it will do what your are trying accomplish.

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      No I didn’t even realize there was such a thing
      It maybe a pretty good fit, since it has a create music thing built in.
      The music I need isn’t for a world class production, but it does need to fit.
      The program doesn’t look to expensive so I’m going to seriously give it a hard look.
      I am downloading the trial version now.
      Cville… thanks very much for your response

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      I went to frys and got the Cinescore. Looks like it will do all I need

      Thanks again

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      Great. I hope it works well for you.

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      Since you already have Vegas, you can do much of what Acid can do there. Just use all audio tracks and drag you loop tracks to the timeline.

      If you want to use Acid, there is a free version available here:

      Or you can download a free, fully functional 30 day trial of any Sony Software here:

      If you like CineScore, you might also like Sonic Fire Pro (I have, like and use them both). SmartSound also runs specials on their libraries often –

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      I have a question about the same topic.

      Im an independent TV producer and Im looking forward to sell my travelling show toa cable TV station. The thing is that I need original music, not the commercial one, but Id like to know your suggestions about buying it from an onlinelibrary or producing it with an audio software.

      Im on a tight budget and I know Id save some $ if I make it but Id like the quality to be as good as if Id bought it. Is it possible?Ive never done it before.

      Any suggestions?

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      I have tried dozens of loop-based software packages and I always go back to using Song ACID. I think it is the most intutive and user friendly.

      You can buy it really inexpensively on eBay and it is worth every dollar.

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      I also produce music and I use Acid Pro 7 and Cinescore for both my music and film works. But the free version of Acid is excellent for someone to make simple loops for their productions. And I agree, it is very user friendly.

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      I’ve used Acid since it came out and I’m not too keen on doing a score in Vegas. Usually, I’ll do my score and SFX in Acid, but for my latest flick I did the sound and SFX tracks in Vegas. It wasn’t bad, but you have so much more control in Acid. Everything I’ve heard about Cinescore has been good, but I already use Acid, Sound Forge and Soundbooth. It doesn’t make much sense to buy yet another music editor.

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