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      Equipment – Panasonic HVX100 and Canon HF-10
      Software: Pinnacle Studio 11 (But I just Picked Up Sony Vegas 9 Ult Pro today)

      Up until now I have used Pinnacle Studio 11 to do family DVDs, minor Church events etc. I am a music producer by trade.

      I am shooting an dance event this weekend and need so advice from some of you pros:

      We will have two cameras shooring this event. One from the balcony that will shoot the entire stage during the entire event, and one on the floor about 20 feet from the stage that will shoot close ups.

      Which camera do you suggest I use for each shot? The Canon seems to have better clarity even in SP mode than the Pansonic, yet the Panasonic seems to be warmer if that is an accurate description. Also, the lighting in the Church is terrible.

      Also – I havent opened Vegas yet. Will there be a large learning curve from Pinnacle to Vegas? I plan to crack it open tonight and play with it. Pinnacle was pretty simple but it crashes a lot and takes froever to render.



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      Hi Craig,

      I suggest you use the Panasonic on the balcony and the Canon downstairs. You will use more close ups than wide angles ( the canon has a clear picture) What do you mean by “warmer”? You may use your new software to light up your video. (I’m not familiar with Vegas, i use final cut) You should start to explore Vegas now to be ready for the week-end. If you feel comfortable, edit your video with it. Check the features to see what you could do special so you could plan your shoothing.

      Good luck for your video,


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      Sorry about the term “warmer” we use that a lot in audio referring to digital vs analog – in audio you want the analog signal (warmer) as opposed to the thinner sound of digital The Panasonis has a more “movie” type feel to me. I guess its the 24p mode the camera was set to when I was playing with it. Actually the Panasonic has too many features for me – ALthough I am learning very quickly how to use them.

      How do I get the best picture in a low light situation with the Panasonic? I tried opening up the Irsis but that didnt work much and the gain made it grainy.

      Thanks again –

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      Like I said, Try to light up with Vegas, if that is possible. Either than that, I don’t know. The best you could do is rent some big projectors.

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      Videomaker has made a page concerning multi-cam editing. Might help you.<span style=”color: #c10007; font-family: arial; font-size: 13px;”></span>

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      Thanks Shooter – you have been a great help

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