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      Hey , It’s about 1 year that I use Pinnacle Studio 9 plus . I bought a new camcorders HVR-A1 I think . Anyway It’s a sony hd camcorders . I want to get a new editing software but I don’t know wich one I should choose . I’m searching for a program with many effects ( croma key ( green screen ) if possible ) for video and sound . I would like to keep this program for a long time , I want a quality program that I wont throw away after just one year . I don’t want to buy another software because the one I bought was not performing enough for a futur project . It should be able to edit HD .

      P.S sorry for the writing I’m french :-//

      Tanks !

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      I also started with Pinnacle Studio and was very frustrated by it. I found my way to Sony’s Vegas product (started with the movie studio version and worked up to the full package).

      Vegas has no problems with HD and the Movie Studio Platinum version will work with it as well.

      You will be amazed at how easy to use and feature rich it is. Since you have the Sony camcorder anyway, why not go for the whole package!

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      What is the full package .. ? Does Vegas do the green sreen ? Dos it take time to know how the program work ?

      When I searched my choice stop on : Sony Vegas 6d , Pinnacle 10+ or Adobe premiere ( but the price is 😯 ) …

      Any suggestion ?

      thx birdcat πŸ˜‰

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      The full package is Vegas + DVD. This has the full (complete) professional version of the software – I’ve seen it discounted at websites for around $550-$600. Note this also includes DVD Architect, a very powerful and feature rich (while somewhat difficult to use) DVD authoring tool.

      The Vegas Movie Studio Platinmum version can be had for around $100 and is almost as functional as the full package.

      Vegas does everything any other Non-Linear Video Editing package does – I find it very intuitive and easy to use, plus there is a wealth of free tutorials out on the web (at sites like in both how to pages as well as video demos.

      I have done some amazing things in a very short period of time, plus Sony offers it’s official forums where those who know much more than I offer their help and advice for free.

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