Need Help Purchasing Mac for Video Editing

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      Hi Everyone

      I am new to this. I need help purchasing a mac for video editing with FCP. I’m an aspiring video editor so befoe I invest in classes/training I need to get the equipment.

      I was looking online for refurbished macs due to budget reasons however I didn’t now whether or not to get mac pro or mac book pro.

      what “specs” would be the best for editing and running FCP Studio 3?

      Also what other things would I need to be efficient and productive as a freelance video editor?

      Thanks in advance for your help!

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      Your basic Mac Pro configuration is fine out of the box. You can always use more RAM, so that might be a consideration. The current iMacs are also pretty potent editing machines. Folks might like and enjoy the portability of using a Mac Book Pro, but unless portability and on-site editing is some mandatory thing, they are priced higher for less expandability than a desktop IMHO.

      The speed of a dual quad, eight or 12 core is cool, but again not mandatory if you’re trying to keep your costs down. There is, as I suspect you already know, a place on the Apple website where you can find refurbished units with a warranty and save a few bucks. They go fairly fast, though.

      FCP, Mac Pro, some healthy capacity hard drives in the three internal bays, along with the 350 GB or other size system drive (I use Hitachi 1TB capacity drives for my other three slots for plenty of project capacity, and a 350 GB external Seagate for a graphics and music storage system) should put you in an excellent starting position to perform just about ANY editing task, or acquire just about ANY editing gig you could want.

      Also, as you are probably aware, if you’re a student there are some healthy student discounts available for hardware and software purchases. If you do not already have FCP, and want to get started the free iSeries programs that come with a Mac, while not all that and a bag of chips, can still accomplish some fairly sophisticated editing assignments.

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