need help problem capturing video to computer!

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      well i decided to capture some of my old hd mini dvd tapes from 2007 to my sisters laptop then save the m2t files to a hard drive well when i go to capture in sony vegas 7 the playback looks great on my camcorder everything is fine but when im trying to capture the video on the laptop the video slows down gets choppy and has artifacts but keep in mind that the whole time that is happening on the laptop the playback on the camcorder is fine what can possibly be happening? plus my camcorder is pretty beat up and the laptop isint the best any reason why this is happening any answers to this problem would be greatly appreciated please help!!!

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      Have you tried capturing DV-AVI,

      and set your camcorder to dv?

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      Our broadcast journalism has the same sort of problem except probably not as prevalent. We capture HDV tapes onto the computer using a Sony capture device using firewire and using the sony vegas 9 capture software. The tape plays correctly and fine, but playback occassionally digitizes and gets artifacts and skips a bit. So if you figure something out, let me know what works!

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      “The tape plays correctly and fine, but playback occassionally digitizes and gets artifacts”

      Is this on PC playback or capture preview?

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      Sorry about that, I noticed that as well when I just reread it. Both the playback on the computer andcapture preview in the software digitizes and gets artifacts and jumps around for a few seconds. While the tape is shows no problems at all. That’s my problem at least, I’m not sure about cmfcrew.

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      One of the following, you should expect problems:

      -5400rpm hardrive

      -slow computer

      -un degragmented drive

      -other programs running

      -not enough space

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      xtr-91 yeah i used to capture to dv-avi but stopped doing that and went to .m2t as it is sonys version of the raw .avi but i do set my camcorder to capture in hd just cause i want the best quality capture possible other than that i retried it a little bit after and seemed to not have a problem so im not really sure whats going on now but my guess is that the laptop im using just doesent have the power who knows for sure

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      XTR-91 is pointing you the right way.


      For older machines this is about as good as it gets – but very GEEKY and intimidating.

      You might need someone who understands the stuff above to help you.

      DV should not be that hard to capture.

      Your best solution may be to have a friend with a better machine help you out.

      Microsoft Windows comes with Movie Maker and can capture DV. So a friend with a good computer and a Firewire port could help you.

      Hope some of this helps – Good luck

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