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      I`am new in this forum in need some help about my new PC that i am dealing with a shop around were i live.

      By profession i work in the National TV Station – PBS Malta- i do editing, camera work and even audio. I have been working in the station for 23 years and i know my way around. So that`s my profile now for my problem, i need to upgrade my PC but i would like to do some MiniDV editing at home but i am on a low budget.
      This is what i went for

      Intel PentiumD 940 Processor
      Dual Core 3.2GHz Processor at 800MHz FSB
      Motherboard – ASUS P5PL2
      4MB Level2 Cache at full CPU speed
      1GB PC4200 533MHz DDR2 Memory, upgradable to 2GB
      ATI X600 HDTV video card
      3.5" 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive
      LG 16X DVD-ReWriter Dual Layer SuperMulti Drive
      Enermax Middle Tower Case – Top Quality
      450W Power Supply
      Piniccle Studio Card

      I have a 200 G hard disk on my old PC so i will use that.

      Can anybody tell me what i have good and bad


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      Thanks but i have to come first to the States first, I`ts around midnight here and it`s hot i have my 28btu airconditioner pulse a big fan to ciculate.

      So you think that my motherboard and video card are Ok and about my Piniccle card.

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      Well, to be frank, your system’s got my new computer beat, and I think my new computer does a great job. I think you’ll be just fine for virtually anything you come across.

      To echo what Hank advised, I upgraded to SATA drives a while back, and it’s worth spending the money and then transferring the files to the new drives. Super fast, super stable, super cool.

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      What kind of pinnacle card are you using? If you are doing DV all you should need for capture is a fire wire card. As far as computers go nowadays any off the shelf computer can be used for editing. A dedicated drive for video is definitly advisable. Also I would avoid using an old drive for any critical work as things with moving parts (especially those with tollerances in the microns) tend to fail after awhile. As for what drives to use for DV the data rate is a constant 3.6 MB a second so any 7200 rpm drive will allow for many streams of real time video. SATA drives are definitly better in many regards not just faster but use what ever your computer has (which is most likely SATA) it is not worth it to spend any money on an external sata card because in all likely hood you will gain no speed unless you are using multiple layers of uncompressed video. Also hard drives available today do not utilize the full bandwith of the SATA 2 interface much less the SATA 3 unless you use a RAID you will not get close to the theoretical maximum of the bus. As far as the power suply goes quality is the most important thing. A cheap power supply can fail and send sparks shooting out of the back of the computer.
      All this being said the specs you listed sound great. I recently got a system with a core duo (a mac) and i have to say that running premiere and other prcessor intensive apps have noticed a considerable gain over my old single core amd system that it replaced.

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      This is my Physical Storage Devices

      Hard Disk : Maxtor 6 L200P0 USB Device

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      PBS? Long shot, but do you happen to know Bob Ahern?

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      sorry i do not know Bob Ahern i work in PBS Malta

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