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      Hey guys, i’ve been searching the internet for the past few months looking for advise, but i’ve not been able to find any. So i’m hoping i’m in the right place here.

      I am looking into making a video production with a green screen. I will be getting a full professional setup just after the new year, but I will also need a video camera. My current video camera is SD and the colours produced from recording really don’t work well for the green screen.

      But when I’m looking for a new video camera, what do I look for? I just want one that will work for recording on a green screen (chroma key), the cheaper the better. As i’m running on a pretty low budget (about $400 for the camera).

      Can anybody please recommend me a good video camera, or tell me what to look for when picking one out?

      Thanks a bunch
      Hope you guys can help

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      Hi Andy
      Your budget of $400 is quite a constraint. You could find good used camcorders, such as the Canon HV30, for that price. Problems with chroma key is usually due to either the screen and/or the lighting rather than your camcorder.
      Enjoy looking for a new camera, it is always fun.

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      I’m thinking of getting this screen setup here:

      Chroma Key Green Screen Backdrop 3m x 4.5m With Stand

      So I should have the screen and lighting down. It’s just the camera I need to pick up, nothing fancy. I just want to do some video reviews for my small independent website.

      Canon HV30 huh? I just googled it and they seem to be about 700 here in the UK. I don’t need anything fancy. Just something that will let me get the job done. πŸ™‚

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      I’ve used the Canon FS200 for chromakeying withfairly good results – as long as you use the XP setting (highest bitrate), manual white balance properly, and light evenly, you can get good results. Actually, the discontinued Canon FS100 is the same exact camcorder for alot cheaper, at least here in the United States – the ONLY difference between the FS200 and FS100 is the FS200’s A/V out can be switched to headphone out for monitoring audio. Other than that, the cams are identical. I just bought two FS100’s here in the states for $199.00 each!

      Here’s an example video of chromakeying I did with an FS100:

      Chromakey example starts at about the 1:00 minute mark.

      The key is obviously not perfect – but it works fairly well using Final Cut – what softewarewill you bekeying with?

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      My question is do you have the capability to edit AVCHD video? Most of the consumer cam’s in the price range you’re talking about uses that codec and it’s a PIA to edit with even when you have a workstation and software capable of handling it.

      Another issue is it’s compressed software to begin with. Trying to do relatively clean compositing work with compressed video is also a PIA. Most of the posters on this site who work with it use conversion software but that also causes storage concerns.

      The most important issue is you are not going to get great looking footage from a $400 camera which will also add to your compositing headaches. You might seriously consider reevaluating your intended camera budget.

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      Hmm, what soft of software would I need to handle and chromakey AVCHD video?

      I don’t need amazing quality. Just enough to make it relatively clear/clean to see whats going on at a comfortable pace.

      I will only be using it do add myself into the corner of a video game footage as I review it.

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