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      Today is 1-9-2005. On March 19th of this year my video team is going to endeavor into a project in which I can do, but I have several aggrevating obstacles in the way. We were hired to film a backyard football game in a stadium for a comedy film and to try to synthesize a crowd with sound and visuals. This is simple.

      The shot I need is with a 50 foot boom truck and the rest is bits and pieces, howeveer, the permission granted to us for filming will not allow for any trucks/ machinery on the premises for some idiotic reason. Now we’re stuck with ground level shots of the action and in order to synthesize the crowd & stadium I will have to edit each frame and color out the background around each player, then layer in the rest behind the players. We’re talking around 21,600 frames.

      What I need is some advice on techniques I’ve possibly overlooked in order to speed things up a bit or is there any other shooting technique I haven’t thought of. Anything helps! Thanks. You can email me at [url]

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      I don’t know how in the world you’d do it. But you could use a blue/green screen.

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      I’ve tought of the same thing, however, in this case it would be the easiest being that the overseers of the field doesn’t want any heavy equipment such as a boom truck. (specifically)

      The problem would be that I would need a 40’x360′ (give or take) blue/ green screen. It would not only be aggrivating but storage and cost (being it is a back yard game) is the problem. I personally can’t see spending a ton a money on a screen this size unless I was getting paid for a cinematography level of pay.

      I wish the overseers would lighten up and let us use a boom truck. This would elimnate all special editing except for maybe field goals and kick offs in which I can take some time on.

      Thanks for your input!

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      Thanks for the input, I’ll probably try it out within the next week and let you know how it comes out. When we get into the post production of the game, I’ll post again to let you know how it comes out. Thanks again!

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      Have fun with that. You culd reshoot the team in front of a Chroma Screen and then add it over your crowd shots. Match lighting and angles correctly though or it won’t look right. Then again, have fun finding a blue screen that size!

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