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      Howdy! I just found this forum – looks interesting! The forums I’m normally on are alot busier than this, but it isn’t about Video making either!

      Ok – so I have a background in computers, and I have done alot of video editing (Vegas), and I produce memorial DVD’s for local funeral homes, but now I’m looking to buy one, maybe two, cameras so I can do some of my own footage, and maybe shoot some new suff! There are some interviews that I would like to take of well known people in my area that are reaching the age of retirement.

      I’m trying to decide if I should go with an HD or not worry about it since this isn’t going to be anything that I’m going to be producing to sell at Walmart or anything LOL!!

      The camera I’m looking at right now is a Conon XL1S and an XL2 – I don’t believe that either of these are HD (right?), but what I do like is that I can use wireless mic’s so I can pick up the sound better. I’m looking for a good picture as well as I don’t want it to be grainy –

      Any suggestions? – my budget isn’t very large as I’m in my early 20’s and I’m kindof in-between jobs at the time. I co-own my own website business but that is slow right now.



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      I’d forget SD and go with HD. In a few short years, you won’t look like a silly fool for having shot in old SD. I always recommend the biggest bang for the buck…a used/refurbed Canon hv20/30/40 which is a miniDV tape-based drive. However, for more money, newer HHD cams are starting to catch up in quality that HDV has enjoyed for years.

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