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      Hi guys!
      I am just an amature video editor, so I need some help trying to figure out how to use a feature for video editing. I have Studio 14 HD. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

      I want to have a video overlay on a video….not sure if that is the correct term(s), but kinda like this:
      [url=]YouTube – Final Fantasy XIII Demo — running around and battle[/url]

      I want something like that; a gauge filling up to the end, ENGLISH text in the actual bars (which I can edit, so I can put anything I want).

      Also want to know if I can make the cursor (the white glove in this case) move like that, so I can tell it where to go as I edit.

      Also would like to know if the above solution is also the same as adding an Xbox 360 achievement notification.
      This is all assuming I have the correct software.
      Thanks regardless of any future solution, and thanks for taking the time for reading my post. Heres to hoping!

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      That’s a cool video! There are actually two (at least) layers running here. The first, is the background or content layer. The graphics, pointing hand, etc. are on a second layer with a transparent background. That way, when the layers are stacked with the graphics above the content you get the superposition.

      Use an animation program to create the graphics (maybe Adobe After Effects or something like that) and be sure the alpha channel is transparent. The transparent alpha channel is what lets the background show through.

      If you can’t control the alpha channel, look for something in your editor like luma keying. If the background of your graphic clip is either black or white, this feature can sometimes be effective in making it transparent.

      Good luck,


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      Thanks Jaimie! I will look into it. If I do (and I will) create the video I want, I will be sure to show you!

      Thanks again.

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      The titler in studio 14 should be able to do a lot of what you see in that video. Pinnacle studio 14 has a tile building program that you can build awesome titles, and they will play over a video if put under a video on the timeline. What I see in that video, when things pop up, it is the actual game this person is playing, showing these things on the screen. What i see in that video is a screen capture of a person playing the game, no editing and simply posted to youtube. You can do awesome videos with Studio14, using GIMP or any good photo edit software or program. Type studio 14 into the search engine on youtube and see and learn what is possible.

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