Need Help Making an Online youtube video.

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Im new to video edition and on a mission. I work as Internet Manager in a car dealership. I am always trying new stuff and to stay ontop and be different. when a new customer puts in a request I like to send them an email answering there questions and have a video walkaround on the vehicle there are asking about.

The way I currently do it: I have a Motorola Thunderbolt I will use the camcorder option and make a nice 5-8 minute video walkaround for the customer to see the car and the options up close and personal. then I will transfer the file to my pc and upload it to my youtube page then take the link and insert it in the email to my customers for there viewing pleasure.

I need some help and insite. I would like to be more professional with my videos. I would like to edit them and have a nice intro to the video like you would see in a real movie. I dont have alot of money to go by something like after effect due to only using it for this one project.

one problem I have with the way I currently do it now and trying to experiment with windows movie maker is the recorded movies on my phone will not play in windows movie player or even find them when trying to locate them on windows movie maker.

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Hello John, welcome to Videomaker forums.

The problem with Windows Movie Maker is probably the video format recorded by your phone. Try using a program called MPEG Streamclip (is free) to convert the Motorola Thunderbolt video into AVI and then edit in Movie Maker. I have no idea which video format your phone use, so I'm not sure if Streamclip will work, but it's worth the try. If this works your ready to edit.

What your doing is great and could potentially increase your chances of selling a car, but how exactly are you recording your videos? I could give you a lot of recommendation (one is to read Videomaker article "How to Make a Video"), but I could be of more help if you describe a little more about your current production process. Also (if you can) post one of your videos here, it will give Videomaker community a clear idea of what your doing and help you better.


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I'm not quite sure how to start a new thread here so I apologize in advaance on piggy-backing on John's post. I'm a newbie to filmmaking coming to it as a writer who wants to create my own online series. I have almost no budget (think desktop PC running XP Pro on a card table). ISince I can only afford one camera, which should that be? A DSLR? A camcorder? Camcorders can shoot longer, have built-in mics and lighting but DSLRs have interchangeable lenses, other advantages over a camcorder? Then there's budgeting for mics (if not using a camcorder), lights, video editing software ( I have and love Audacity for sound) . If you were just startign out filmmaking with a $500 budget what would you get in order of priority? 1. Camera 2. Editing software. What would you get if you had a $1,000 budget? Thank you so instead?  Thank you so much for your thoughts/suggestions.

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If I am not mistaken, that would be the shatter effect in AE

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John, being new to all this, your Acura TL Tech Walkaround shoot sure turned out great. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

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Digital Juice has some great templates for After Effects called Ready 2 Go They are easy to use.All the layers are there. You just need to change the text or video or pic layers. If you want to see one in action, go to see a video I just did last month using one of these templates as an intro. I had to add the music. Now more importantly, did Stephanie buy the car?

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Every one of them are customizable. When you open them in AE, you see every layer. You just import the assets you want and drag them to the layer, tell it to replace it and BOOM! You assets are aleady resized and twisted to fit into the layer. Good luck.