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      can anyone help me find a site that i could get content for my new internet tv channel. i am more than willing to pay for the show, as i will have advertising to subdue the cost. i’ve tried some public domain sites, but all of the shows are from the 50’s. also how about help finding a good advertising firm.

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      “can anyone help me find a site that i could get content for my new internet tv channel.”

      What kind of content? Stock footage?

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      Yeah, where are you? At least name your continent! Seriously, this is in the realm of professional consulting. Truthfully, you should have had all of this stuff in place prior to establishing your channel. If you’re just trying to get random content for free, that ‘ain’t gonna’ fly’ as you will have difficulty drawing in your intended audiences. You say you’re willing to pay for shows? How much? Do you want one-off shows or completed packaged series? What lengths are you looking at? The longer the show lengths, the more they’re going to cost. Are you looking for narrative productions or semi/non-scripted content like documentaries and ‘Reality TV’ vehicles? Are you willing to put up money to have such content developed or are you wanting to do straight buy outs? Are you prepared to pay residuals for aired shows? If you manage to get your hands on even those shows from the 50’s you’re going to have to fork over some royalties.

      These are just a few of the hundreds of other questions you should have already investigated prior to setting up your channel. Now, if you’re still in the planning stage you can still get a grip on what will need to be done. You don’t want to end up like so many ‘fan-sites’ that just bootleg shows and put them up online to make some quick advertising bucks. Sooner than later, you’ll get shutdown by some lawyer representing ‘MEGACORP’ and if you don’t have the cash to pay fines or flee the country to setup again in some ‘piracy friendly’ state, you’ll end up in jail.

      Putting together ‘legal content’ is possible without forking over large amounts of cash, but you’ve got to do some serious research prior to getting started. Unfortunately, the questions you’re asking you should already know by now.

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      i literally have not aired yet. i am still doing research to set up my channel. i don’t want bootlegged material, and sure don’t want a mandatory vacation in jail. i have a little over $7,000 saved up. it isn’t much, but it is what i have saved up for it’s purpose. i live in Norfolk, Va., and am trying to actually put together a channel with local advertisers and original local content, as well as some professional content.

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      “I don’t want bootlegged material, and sure don’t want a mandatory
      vacation in jail.”


      That’s more like it. I mentioned those things because I’m currently getting the necessary things together to launch my company’s channel. On the one hand, it’s nowhere near as hard like it used to be when the only way to ‘air’ was through broadcast (even cable access!) But for the ‘ease’ of using today’s tech, there’s quite a few nasty ‘traps’ you’ve got to shoot around if you want to be successful. You being in NF you should be able to sit down with some of your smaller local ad agencies and chew their ears. Right now, advertising on the web is still in the ‘Wild West’ stage. Every time somebody thinks they’ve got the ‘formula’, someone comes along and shoots holes in it.

      Sounds like you’re on the right track though. It wouldn’t kill you to strike up a relationship with your local video production businesses and Indy shooters. They may already have material ready to go or are just looking for an excuse to go into production. For all purposes, once you get your channel up you will in effect become a mini ‘network’ and will have to make programming decisions and such. Now, you can go the full-on ‘zero overhead’ route with Vimeo, but I’m pretty sure you can’t put ads up. I mention Vimeo because their compression quality is the best outside of the straight Hollywood, Cable or Network stuff I’ve seen. If you shot it well, it’ll look good on the ‘Vim’.

      Otherwise, you’ll have to set up your own website and put your content there. That too doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or hard to setup but your upfront issue will be the cost of bandwidth. You can buy packages from internet providers for certain amounts of expected volume of usage (remember video will be more than just a images only site.) Just keep in mind that on average, if you exceed the volume cap (all it takes is one popular video that gets 100k hits) you’ll get charged for the overflow and that usually gets expensive. The key is to find a provider that for a flat-fee will give you an ‘unlimited bandwidth’ package. That way, when you do have a video go viral you won’t be asking, “Hey what’s that barrel for?” when your provider hands you the bill.

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      For a few hundred a month you could arrange for a dedicated server through HostGator, where I currently do my web hosting services. They are a great bunch of people and their customer service, especially instant live chat, has been outstanding for me.

      You can accomplish a lot with the bandwidth and storage they offer for very reasonable IMHO monthly rates.

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      Grinner Hester

      If wanting to keep it local, just hit your local rerun stations and work deals out with the affiliate that owns the content. As long as you work out a pay per view deal, you can’t get int he red… as you’ll be working the same kind of deal with your advertisers.

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