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      Good day everyone
      For about a week i have been looking to upgrade or change my PC. I just purchased a Turtle Beach Video PCI advantage card to be able to connect gear to my PC and be able to do some basic home editing.

      What i have right now is a 2003 P4 2.4 – 512mb et 256mb ram of memory – 80 gb hard drive (split in 2)- Gforce 4 MX inboard 64mb video card – basic sound card – DVD burner – basic everything else…

      When i work on small projects, my videos are not looking very good and the image tend to freeze when a title or some effects comes up. It is worst when thrown on a DVD.

      I was offered a good price for my P4 and was looking to buy this PC (so i need someones advise as i am no expert) AMD Dual Core 64 4200+ – 250gb 7200 western Dig Hard drive – 1GB DDR2 memory stick – PCI GForce 256mb video card – 5.1 sound card – Dual layer DVD Burner.

      Like i have said, i am no expert so i hope this was enough information. I would be adding my new Turtlebeach pci card into the new PC and am currently using Power Director for editing my home movies.
      I am a French Canadian so my english could be just like my old PC…lol

      Thanks for your help and i would really appreciate the advices you could provide me.

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      Yes, french canadian have to learn english. What i meant on my first post is that my english is not perfect. I am still learning…

      Thanks for your reply, i know more about the hard drives, and will be looking for a second one when i buy the PC

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      I ordered the PC today and now i am facing one more decision. I was told by the seller that i would be better off buying this video card and that it would be good enough for what i will be doing (basic video editing)

      Leadtek Geforce 7300 PCI 256mb

      Could someone tell me if this would be a good card. The cost is’nt too bad (125 usd)
      I am wondering what other card should i get for about 100$ to 200$ usd instead of this one or should i buy this one from him.

      Thanks for taking time to read and answer

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      I’ve been told to stay away from the Geforce series for editing and many people have suggested ATI’s X1900.

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      I can say from experience that Geforce is acceptable for video editing.

      Last year I had an Nvidia GeForce 2 MX/MX 400 AGP card (6 years old lol), and with 324 MB RAM on Premiere Pro 1.5, it was able to play back files and unrendered scenes quite easily.

      Beats the card that came with my new computer…integrated crap…what an upgrade 😡

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