need help imposing logos over footage in FCpro

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      I have to superimpose some logos onto an underwriters spot I’m editing in Final Cut Pro. I’ve had some problem with the appearance ( they look too transparent, some pixelate, or they look scratched). I’ve been working with jpeg. images sent by clients.

      My questions are:

      1.) is there a particular format other than jpeg. that I should be using; or

      2.) am I missing something here, and is there a specific best way of doing it in FCP?

      I am using Final Cut Studio 3


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      Well, I would suggest using motion to make an overlay. You could even use a jpeg image in motion if you need a certain image. I suggest motion because the graphics are designed to be used with fcp.

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      Try using tiff images, or even just a .psd document with an alpha channel in Photoshop. Make sure when you import it that you keep the alpha channel. If you’re still having problems with pixelation, try making the image bigger than you need, then shrink it to the right size in FCP.

      Here’s a site that explains alpha channels:

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      I think the issue your are having is the same problem I’m having.

      When I add a JPEG (or any other photo format) image with text, it is all interlaced looking. I haven’t been able to correct this. It doesn’t matter how hi or low the resolution on the image is.

      This also happens if I add text titles into the video.

      If I want the text to scroll up the screen, it almost waves as it goes through fields and up the screen.

      I wish I knew how to correct his.

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      Do you see this distortion in the Browser window while you are editing or only when you finish the product?

      I use a PSD file and only import the “layer” needed. Do not use too many PSD’s as this is tough on FCP.

      If this happens after compressing, try setting the compression settings field order to upper or lower depending on your sequence settings.

      JPEGs almost always mess up in FCP. They are not the best format to use. I get “jumpy” pixels on bright colors or some distortion on movement like you guys have described.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      any uncompressed image with an alpha will work fine.

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      You should try using the Bitmap, TIFF, or even the compressed PNG files that result in no loss. Also don’t be deceived by theautomatic (or user-defined)”preview quality”. The image settings or video affects might also be causing the problem.

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