NEED HELP- How to make a video smaller then 10MB/Adobe Elements

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Please help. I am new to Adobe Premiere Elements. For the store front I am using I need to make videos smaller then 10mb in order to be able to sell them as a downloadable product. I have aprox a 7 min video that I rendered in flash. But it is still 17MB. The video was shot in HD. I am completely lost. I have read many posts all over the internet. I don't know if I can edit the frame size and if I do, what should I make the dimensions be. Please help.

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You should look at using MPEG-4. There are two different types of MPEG-4 video formats: Portable and AVC (Advanced Video Codec). Portable MPEG-4is the very small (and very lossy) format that is mostly used with iPods. AVC MPEG-4 is a very efficent format that generates small files and reasonable picture quality. Many players have problems playing AVC, however, as it is still a relatively new format.

If you still want to maintain the HD quality, take a look at AVC-HD (if Adobe Premiere Supports it). This format is also AVC-based, so you might run into compatibility issues.