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      Hi- I’m new to this website. I’ve been working on FCP for about 7 years making photo montages on my Mac. I saw these two websites below. These guys are amazing and the software they looks similiar – I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what the software/hardware is that they might be using so I can check it out.


      Shelley Frisch

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      i would say they are using photoshop and after effects

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      Johnboy’sright: Photoshop and After Effects.

      The movie in the top link is 2D Photoshop layers in 3D space in After Effects with a movie of clouds composited in the background. The great thing aboutcompositing is the amountof work goinginto those 10 second clips: effects, blending modes, etc. And these guys do it all in 30 seconds or so! Amazing!

      The second link is probably all after effects.

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