Need help finding camcorder for motorcycle filming

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      I am looking for a camcorder with some specific features and am hoping to find some suggestions.

      top loading
      external microphone
      analog input (for video)
      small size and weight

      (I would love to find something like the Panasonic PV-GS250)

      My reasoning:
      I want to use the camcorder to film our motorcycle trips. With the video inputs I can place bulletcams (lipstick cams) in various locations around the bike. External microphone could be placed in the rear of the bike to lessen the wind noise. The small size would allow it to fit under my "hump" which would keep it decently protected. I would be able to use a small switch box to cycle through the camera for the different angles, etc. Also, a top load would allow me to change tapes without (hopefully) too much trouble. A wired remote to start/stop recording would also be convenient, but my current searches are showing that just these features are moving into dreamland.

      Can anyone think of something that could possibly fit these requirements?

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