Need help figuring out interior lights for my video shoot

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      I’ve been looking at some leds to use in some projects such as interior lighting or lighting inside my vehicle. What type of wire do you recommend to wire these leds with ? Also, what kind of soldering iron should i buy?



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      Looks like you would want the white 3 watt high-power LED. Apparently, it has a built-in current-limiting resistor, which is fine for voltages below 11V. A higher voltage would require you to add an external current limiting resistor (they say 10 ohms). For starters, just get one LED, and see if you can get a good white balance with your camcorder. I mention this because I’ve read that the more efficient white LEDs have a higher color temp, maybe even more blue than daylight. Now, I’m assuming you’re planning on using these LEDs where it’s not practical to run a power cord from an AC outlet. (otherwise, a simple AC light unit would be a lot less work) For a power source, you might try a standard 9V battery, though I’m not sure that battery could provide the 300mA of current the 3 watt LED would want. For a soldering iron, just an inexpensive model for hobbiest electronics work. I think you shoud visit your local RadioShack store and tell them what you’re planning. They could suggest a soldering iron and power source.
      That’s my 3 cents worth. πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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