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      Hi, I’m a non-professional video hobbyist just getting started. I’ve worked on a 30min edu film (miniDV) and now I’m doing my first project on my own: shooting a 3 minute portrait of someone for a reality show application and editing with FCP3.

      I wanted to set up sort of a “lavalier” to mic my subject (for a medium shot or wide shot — head-to-toe, maybe 15 or 20 feet from the camera) on the cheap using what i have available, to eliminate the subject having to shout over crashing waves and wind noise. I am having trouble with feedback when I try using an extension cord to increase the distance between subject and camera.

      I just got a Pany PV-GS150. it has both headphone and mic jack (1/8″). The cam actually comes with a little wired remote mic that lets you control zoom and record “narration”.

      I also have an ancient little stereo mic with a clip that came from an old sony recording cassette tape walkman (long gone). This also works fine to record sound on the cam.

      I picked up a 20ft. Stereo headphone extension cord at Radio Shack for five bucks. The plug for the cam’s own remote doesn’t really fit (the connector has 3 rings on it, maybe because of the extra controllers for the cam?). Sony mic connector (two rings) fits nicely into the extension cord, but there is a loud BUZZ or hum in the headphones (and on the recording) when I plug the 20ft extension into the camera.

      Should i be using a different kind of cable to mic into this cam? What causes this feedback? Any suggestions on getting rid of that buzz?

      Really appreciate it!!

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      i had the same problem. if you have a cord that has any type of “metal” on the outside of the plug in for the extension, there will be problems. this happened to me but it was at home and i easily lifted the external metal off the ground and the cord worked. this might be harder so you could try a different cord or something else.

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      That happened to me once and it was a bad cord. I threw it away and got another one. Also, mic cords with the 1/8th inch connector are more likely to have interference than cords with the three pin XLR connection. Especially if they are longer than a couple feet.
      Also, neon or flourescent lighting can cause interference.

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