Need Help Capturing! XH A1 and Final Cut Express

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      Just got the new camera, and it is giving me issues with capturing. OR I don’t know what I’m doing! πŸ™‚

      I have it on VCR/play, firewire attached (been used with other dig cam–so it works), and then I open FCE and it doesn’t recognize any media. I try to CAPTURE even after that and it still doesn’t recognize there’s a camera hooked up.

      Do you have any ideas what else I could do?

      Thanks for any help. I am new at this.


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      Doesn’t it have to be set for Firewire HDV or something like that, not just firewire. I’d check around in the A/V settings, preferences and easy set up. I’m not completely positive though, I don’t work with HDV nor do I use FCE.

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      I had the same problem when I first got mine. Have you set the playback STD to HDV?

      Set big knob to VCR/PLAY, hit menu button, in VCR Menu select signal setup(push to the Select/set) button at the back left bottom of camera, scroll down one option to Playback STD, push the select button again, you should see auto, HDV an SD. Select HDV for HDV! Use the menu button to escape. Turn off your camera, plug it in, turn on camera and it should be sensed by the computer.

      hope that helps

Viewing 2 reply threads
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