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      I know there is a ton of info on editing AVCHD out there, but most of it goes over my head. I’m looking for a simple answer please.I know there must be other people like me out there who just do basic editing in WMM, of videos like their kids soccer games and b-day parties,who have upgraded to a new camcorder only to find that they can no longer do these basic editing tasks. I know there are programs like Sony Vegas Movie Studio that can edit AVCHD, but it sounds like they require a powerful pc and a lot of processing time. I have also tried converting from AVCHD to a format that I can use in WMM, but the resulting videoturns out choppy. I don’t really need to record in HD since I can only burn to standard DVD, so should I try Vegas or just shelve my new Sony Handy Cam and buy a camcorder that records in a format that I can use in WMM? Are there even any still available that don’t record in AVCHD? Thanks for any advice..

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      I don’t use either of these programs, but Sony Vegas Movie Studio allows for a trial download. It worth testing it and seeing if it will play nice with your camera’s footage. If it does, it’s less than $100 – much cheaper than buying another camera that will work with Windows Movie Maker.

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      @Burgesst, thus far only three video editors (NLE) will work with AVCHD, Sony Vegas, Adobe and Videostudio, of the three only Videostudio has the lowest sticker price.

      Corel will allow you a FULL 30 trail. I downloaded Sony Vegas and Adobe trial versions before and they did have limits and one had a watermark. What you need is a no limit, no restraint trial and as far as I know only Videostudio provides that. That said since your camera shoots in AVCHD, you are going to HAVE to buy one of them. I suggest download all the trials and playing with them, then choose

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      I got a copy of Sony Vegas Movie Studio when I bought a VG10. I was actually very surprised with it. I have been an Adobe guy for a long time. It is basic but easy software to work with. It handled the AVCHD files from the VG10 easily and was not a system hog. I played with it on a 32bit laptop that I use to capture cards to external drives on location and it worked just fine. Just on the slower computers, it had longer render times. I would highly recommend it over WMM. I was really surprised to see what it could do for 100 bucks.

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      Another option is to buy Sony Movie Studio and a copy of Neoscene. Use Neoscene to convert your AVCHD files into AVI, then edit these in Movie Studio. It’s quick and won’t significantly reduce the image quality. Although most of what we shoot is in DV, we use this work flow with out digital camera.


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      @burgesst Sony Movie Studio handles AVCHD very well. A great feature of this program is you can burn a Blu-Ray image onto a regular DVD, right from the Sony timeline. You can then play back stunning HD video on a Blu-Ray player or a Sony Playstation, after all if your camera records in HD, why not watch the finished product in HD?


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