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      Well let me tell you what im trying to do is record audio and video from the local city council meetings we have every other week. I have video and audio editing software, what i am having an issue with is the hard ware.

      What i had in mind was two drop mics, 1 over audience, 1 over presentation podum, and 1 desk mounted 180 mic on the council themselfs.

      What I need help is what kind of a mixer board to get, and a compatable camera to go with it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also am trying to keep the budget for the project low, dont need anything to nice, just want to see the council and hear everything.

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      What’s your budget?

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      joebel, we could probably be very helpful to you if you could give us more information. How many people are on the council, howbig is the table or desk arrangementwhere they sit, is the podium placed in the center of the council table or separated from it, how large is the audience or audience area, is the podium in the audience area for the publicand what the usual length of meetings? In your description you mentioned 3 microphones, mixer and camcorder. With necessary length cables for drop down microphones cables, power supply, camcorderetc. This could add up very quickly. Just some thoughts: small size council/table/podiumone boundary microphone might do the trick. Perhaps a portable recorder like H2 Zoom strategically placedmight pickup council/podium from built-in front mics and built-in back mics could pickup audience. Does the council chambers have pa system and could you plug into that feed? Lots of possible solutions with more information. Like XTR-91 said how much to spend?

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      Mackie is a quality audio mixer ranging in price from about $100 for a 402-VLZ3 4channel, to $160 for the 802 VLZ3 8 CH; To have something I could utilize for pretty much ANY audio mixing I’d personally spring for the Mackie PRoFX 12, 12CH mixer for $263.

      Some people prefer sliders over pot (knob) controls, but unless you’re constantly going to “ride” the levels either works fine IMHO.

      Mics – Sennheiser, model E845-S (from $91 to $150 online at Amazon, etc.) might be a good drop mic, but those you see in church choirs and other stage setups, those long, slender shotgun-looking units, can run anywhere from $350 to south of a grand. The Sennheiser MD 421 II is well-rated.

      Regarding mics, and having covered many a city council, hospital board and county government session as a journalist (pen and notepad, not video) I can tell you that the two basic configurations are straight across with six to eight council members all facing out into the audience, or a semi curved or horseshoe configuration where they’re easier to mic for sound but not always great for visuals.

      I see the need for an overhead centered to the council seats, maybe an overhead over the general audience section, one at the podium or where people attending usually come forward to address the council, and two at the council table minimum regardless of configuration. A piezoelectric “piezo” mic is talked up a lot in various circles but actually not that great even though it does convert the table it is placed on into a large “speaker” so to speak. It also, however, picks up every paper rustle every ballpoint pen clicking nervously, every paperclip falling, every fist, finger or elbow thumping down … you get the idea.

      So mics on table stands with shock holders to minimize vibration and other unwanted noise transfer …

      All this fed into a Mackie or other mixer and out to a digital recording system rather than attempting to ride (unless you have help) the switches and fed directly into the camera(s) or BOTH with the digital recording system for backup just in case, is something to consider.

      If you’re shooting with the newer model camcorders with SDHC recording capabilities, and with quality audio inputs for manual audio, then it is possible to find the general effective range of your strategically placed mics keep the levels there, feed into the primary camcorder, then if necessary, boost the audio in post where necessary.

      If this is a direct to disk or other media and no editing type arrangement, say for live feed via the Internet or via the local cable television’s public access program, then the more mics the merrier and a 14 to 16 channel mixer might come in handy.

      As has been said, knowing your budget would help others know more about what you could get by with, or not.

      Curiously though, most city councils and similar government meeting facilities are already wired for sound so it would seem best, if possible, to connect to their board for audio, use the on-camera mic for backup and ambience, and record video knowing you’re covered otherwise.

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      Hey I appreciate everything y’all have mentioned so far, y’all wanted some more information, well the council chambers is a 32ft by 40ft, with 10 feet ceilings. There are 6 council members that sit at a 16 foot dies.

      As far as budget, 500-1000, if you know about cities, the less the better. Like I said we dont need anything to fancy, what we want to do is record the meetings, then post them up on our website.

      We do have a Yamaha MG10/2 Mixing Console that we used to record just audio with, not sure it will work for what we are trying to do?

      The Mics I had in mind is a VEC CM-1000 omni-directional conference mic for the dies. 2 Shure microflex overhead mx202 B/C microphone to go over the podium and audience. And I currently have no Ideas for the Camcorder.

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      Earl has covered this subject really well, the only thing I would add from my experience in similar circumstances is that room echo is often a problem. The only way I have been able to greatly reduce it is with close miking. Two or three feet is the absolute maximum distance I have been able to get away with.

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      I am thinking about this camcorder

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