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    I wish I could be a little more specific, but apparently, this is the only way I get responses. It’s aboutweb players in specification to their formats, so I could have just titled it “mac vs. pc” (which is what I’m going to try next time). I am unable to save WMV files in Vegas Pro without getting a dropout, so all of my luck seems to be going H.264.

    I can watch H.264 files through web pages on my PCthrough Explorer 8,but am unable to make them buffer when watching online. NO MESSAGE… JUST A WAIT OF TWO HOURS IN ORDER TO GET THE QUICKTIME LOGO TO DISAPPEAR AND PLAY. Bottom line IS THAT IT WON’T STREAM AT ALL– just a strenuous download. How do I get the h.264 video onlineembedded (or configure QuickTime)where it is actually able to stream?This is not intended to be a 55-hour discussion, or comment that gets nothing at all.I just want an answer.

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    I really think it’s a problem with Apple, now. I’ve tried a couple of code presets that should allow my video to stream, and neither of them worked.

    I hope that there is more of you out there that can share your experience.

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    I use DVKitchen to accomplish my QT upload video file needs. I’m not smart enough to dig down and find the magic moments without a program that does most of the work for me. I’m happy with what’s happening for me.

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