Need halp with my Samsung Camcorder!!!!

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      The camcorder I have is made by Samsung, and it is the SCL906 module, I must know how to edit it. Ok, for the past couple days, I’ve been looking at all the firewire connections on different websites. My camcorder does not have one, no where on the camcorder is there one, I am 100% sure.

      These are all the input things I have on it:
      – A round thing in the front of it that says, ‘Mic’ above it, I know this is for the microphone.
      – A round thing that looks like head phones would go into it, except they don’t, and it says, ‘A/V Out,’ above it.
      – A large, round thing, that looks like what the inputs were for mouses and keyboards before the keyboard. It says S- Video above it, I am POSITIVE it is not a USB, it looks like the input used for mouses before the USB.
      – And, a thing to charge the battery.
      Now, I do not have a CLUE, what I should do. I don’t have the money to return it for a higher module, so is there any way at all, that I can edit what I have on the camcorder?

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