Need FCP update 5.1.4

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      I know it is bad form to post in multiple places but I didn’t feel this post was getting any traffic where it was. So I will apologize.


      I use Final Cut Studios 1.5. FInal Cut Pro 5 is part of this package (as most of you know). Here’s my problem…

      I recently had to reboot my Mac and in turn, Reinstall Final Cut Studios. But when I try to update the software with the Mac updater, it only does a minimal update. It still reads version 5.0. After an extensive search, I found a couple of updates that upped me to 5.1.

      But I need5.1.4.

      According to all of the searches that I did on line, Update 5.1.4 is no longer available either through the updates or on Mac’s website. Everyone seemed very upset because of the same reason I am.

      Here is why I need it.

      I created most of my FCP project files using the version 5.1.4. Now, with my computer only updating to 5.1, I can’t read any of my project files because I created the files using a newer version and i am trying open them using an older version… Essentially.

      My question

      Does anyone have a download link to this (now) unavailable update, where I can get this update? I have looked everywhere on the internet and MAC website for 2 days.

      Thank you for any help.

      Here are some links to back up my post.

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      Okay, I may have answered my own question. I was searching for answers on the internet. I went back to what I thought was a dead end and found a possible solution.

      My desktop has a copy of the software fully updated to 5.1.4 (per the license agreement, i can have it installed on one Desktop and one Laptop so no one needs to go and call the copyright police). This forum mentioned that you just copy the application file from the updated computer to the other and just replace the file.

      I just replaced the file on my laptop and it works perfectly. I can now read my project files perfectly. The software says it is now updated to 5.1.4.

      Thank god. i thought I was going to have a heart attack.

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