Need desperate help choosing starting camcorder

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      I have been scouring the web looking for the best camcorder to start with as an amateur film maker. The problem is that everybody seems to have conflicting opinions over what is the best camera to use.

      Ideally I’d like a camcorder with a mic input so that I can use a boom mic, as I will be filming outside quite a lot, so I would also like help choosing the boom mic.

      My budget is about 500 for camera, boom mic and maybe tripod.

      The main problem I’m finding with reviews on camcorders is the ease of uploading onto a computer. Annoyingly I don’t have a mac, and even more annoyingly I don’t have a firewire port! If anyone has any suggestions of starting camera, boom mic and software to choose, I would be exceedingly grateful


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      The JVC GZ-HM400 is really a good camcorder for outside filming, and it’s within your budget, but I’d check the Panasonic TM700. It’s more low light capable, and sustains well if you set the exposure level to -3.

      TheTM700’s manual controls are better, and you’ve got more control over the sound level (the hm400 only has -2, -1, 0, 1, 2). The TM7000exerts noise, so I’d get a Juicedlink and then turn the camcorder’s audio preamp down, and don’t use camera’s iA. A tripod that’s anything smoothwill start at$100. Boom poles are high, so I’d build one from gray PVC. Shotgun mic + cable will costyou $200. The shotgun mic you have will need to be XLR out and not 1/8″. Editing software will be at least $50, for good software – Vegas Movie Studio’s a good one.

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      Hey! I just happened to be selling an amazing Sanyo FH1 Full HD camcorder on eBay. If you win the auction, I’ll have to you on Christmas. I know that a Sanyo cam doesn’t sound appealing to most, but trust me… I wouldn’t have used it for the time I did if it was bad. I have some accessories for it, too:

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      Really good option. Features are good too. But i really think Sony have better lens quality then anyone else.

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      I enjoy my Sony HDR FX1000s. They’re fairly capable in low light, great image quality. There’s no XLR input, however. The mic input is a mini-jack – it works quite well.

      I’m not hooked on tapeless, but you’ll always have an archive available πŸ˜‰

      The price range is about your maximum.

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      The cx211/cx231 add beautiful sound

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