Need compact HD camera for Amazon Malaria expedition

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Would you know of any company or person that may be interested in comping a couple of compact HD video cameras for my Malaria expeditions?

In return I will advertise and promote them through the book/documentary/lecture series and website. Panasonic has already given us a Toughbook laptop for field editing.

I am married to an native Amazonian, have a private preserve
there. In March I will be starting my expeditions to remote villages in the Peruvian Amazon to deliver
Malaria nets to jungle children. 3,000 children die every day from Malaria.

I will shoot a documentary and write a book about every aspect of the expeditions as well as give real time updates to US schools and the public via internet.

The book/DVD series is entitled Netting Adventures. I have an Emmy Nominated producer on board for the documentary.

If you visit my website <> you can review more info.

Thank you for your input.


Rusty Johnson

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Have you considered asking Panasonic about providing an HDC-HS300 (or even an HS250, if you aren't going to use an external mic)? The huge hard drive in that might come in pretty handy, and it can shoot a very nice image.