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      I know this is a chronic question but I need help. I’m buying a new camcorder and was keen on the AG-HMC41 but I went and looked at footage on Vimeo and compared it with the Nex VG10. There seems to be a much richer, filmic look with the Sony and I can get one for about $1000 less than the Panasonic. A lot of the time I want to use the camera in one on one interviews in a continuous light set up. I honestly thought the Sony footage looked more professional. I’d appreciate your views. My dear spouse has approved up to AU$3000 from the treasury. I’ve been a subscriber to Videomaker for about a year and half and get a lot from it. I’m reasonably tech savvy so you don’t need to go easy on me as a newby … fire away with the acronyms guys. Alos buying from the US is good right now but is the PAL/NTSC thing a big issue? I’m guessing most chargers are variable now and at worst I can buy a 240v charger. Hope you can help and hope this is the right section to post to.



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      my 2 $$cents, Cameras are very personal depending on your needs, For one on one interviews I can get by with a hand held camcorder. But for weddings you need external control and need it quick (no menus). Best advice try to rent one for a day or so or Buy with a returnable vendor. I love b and H for just that reason.good luck in your search.


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      Hey Michael,

      Having had the pleasure to work in Auz on occasion, I dealt with the whole PAL/NTSC thing. Not so much an issue when it comes to editing in NLE as it used to be, but there’s still monitoring (that is if you’re outputting to broadcast TV) and DVD Regions to contend with (not sure about Blu-Ray.)

      However, unless you’re doing a lot of transfers from NTSC to PAL, it will be less headache for you to stick with your home format. There are still good prices for PAL gear from US retailers online so all you’ll have to deal with are those lovely Auzzie tarriffs.

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      Michael: Depends what you want to do with it. I have 2 cameras – a Sony Z5 with 3 1/3″ sensors and a Canon 5D with a full frame sensor and Zeiss glass. Here’s the deal. The ‘cinematic’ quality of a film is entirely dependent upon the picture which comes from the sensor size and the optics and the operator of course. A small sensor camera will not give you that beautiful soft out of focus part at wider apertures. can’t be done optically. The cinematic quality you speak about is because the Sony NEX has a sensor that is about the same size as a Hollywood film camera frame (22 x 13)and when coupled with good glass – presto!

      My Canon 5D gives even greater soft focus because of the huge sensor (about 4x larger than Hollywood 36 x 24) is a bear to operate, but the results are incredible.

      To get cinematic quality, you need a sensor that is the size of the NEX regardless of the camera it is in – a Canon 7D, 1D or 5D HD DSLR, or video equivalent. If you get a camera that has 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 or even 2/3″ sensors, you won’t get cinematic quality looks of soft focus of the NEX.

      That Panasonic has lots of bells and whistles and a great lens, but the end result is the image on the film. If you want real beautiful quality, the large sensor wins over bells and whistles. I love the autofocus on my Sony, and auto everything or manual everything, but when I want art, beauty, cinematic stuff, and the thing that makes the audience go wow, large sensors win every time – I revert to the Canon and wide apertures. The NEX has the best of all the worlds and I wouldn’t waste a second in making that the prime choice, hands down.

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      Thanks for all the great advice. I’m now the proud owner of a Nex VG10 and really pleased with it. I want to move out of teaching (39 years is enough I think!) and set up a couple of businesses. One in educational evaluation centered on eLearning and one about conversations with all sorts of folk with a perspective that anticipates their great-grandchildren as young adults wanting to know about them. I’ve got a continuous light set up and backdrops and intend to use the Sony along with my Nikon D3100 for cutaways to edit ion (I’m using Vegas Platinum Pro 9). So my next task is to work on set ups, usage and workflows. I’m looking to edit to BluRay discs and to DVD’s if the client prefers.


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      Maybe you’d like to join Pamela Dahlgren, Heidi Mueller and severals others at Video StoryTellers! Michael.

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