Need advice on what on camera light to purchase.

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      I have a Sony vx2000 and I need an inexpensive on camera light. I will be using it mainly for weddings so I won’t use it too much, I think…. I am new at this. I am just looking for something to use during the interview, if needed.

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      Good point. I know nothing about on camera lights.

      What is the purpose of a cigarette plug adapter?

      I have been looking at lights on B&H but I don’t really know what to look for. I found a bescor on there that is 50watts for $100.

      Is that similar to what you use?

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      Did anybody use SONY double decker lights

      Looks like a good idea, and the price is right.

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      Hi Hanks,

      Yes, I do write critiques. I am glad you agree with my opinion. The reason behind critiques was not to discourage video enthusiasts, but to inspire them to get better results. I have been in the news and wedding business for last 15 years, and I always try my best. Although I have apparently improved since I started, I am always looking forward to absorb new ideas to further improve my skills.

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      I like the HVL-20DW2 because it uses an identical battery to the one the camera uses (NPF – 970). So when I buy batteries for the light, I have back up batteries for the camera when I am not using the light.

      I also like that it is switchable from 10watt to 20 watt. A 970 battery will give you about 45 minutes on the 10 watt and about 20-30 minutes on the 20 watt setting, so buy a couple of these bricks. You won’t run the light non stop the whole reception. You’ll turn it on when necessary. One battery, used wisely will power this light
      for most of the evening, 2 batteries will power it for the whole evening.

      By the way, the light runs off its own separate battery that mounts on the back of the light.

      Hope this helps. Any questions, shoot me an email.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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