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      I am flying from NYC to Kingston , Jamaica for a week long video shoot. I will be taking my Sony Z1U, a tripod, glidecam, small audio rig and a field monitor. Most of this will be fit into suitcases, padded by our clothing.

      What should I check, what should I carry-on? I will have at least one other cameraman that can carry some of it on. The hard case (for the camera) I have is too big to carry on, but I am extremely nervous to check it in.

      Furthermore, is there insurance that will cover my gear %100 in case of theft or damage while flying?

      Advice- Horror stories????


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      Thanks Charles!

      What about insurance…any ideas for full protection while in Jamaica?

      Is there anyway I can pay extra to have my luggage handled better? What do larger productions do when they shoot internationally and bring there own gear?



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      you should ALWAYS carry your camera on. you dont need it to fit into a case. I have carried full size betacams on, and have carried my HD100 on as well. NEVER check your camera. just for the reason above (it getting jacked) and also because if you show up at your destination, and your bags get lost…how are you going to shoot? I make it a practice to carry on at least 2 tapes, 2 batteries and the camera. that way you are always ready to shoot when you land. everything else, check under the plane, protect it as best you can, and have fun shooting in jamaica.

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      rent a privet jet lol thats a way to garintee you will get all your stuff safly but it will put a heavy tax on your budget and I dont know what the limits of privet jets are… maybe they dont go to Jamaica. If I where you to find out about insurance policies I would first check the airline website you plan to fly with then if you dont find anything call the airline you may spend over an hour on hold and being transfered but you will probably get an answer. I would say insurance depends on your airline. and they are right about carring your camcorder with you it is a pain but one of the best ways to insure susessful transit.

      all in all if you really want insurance and your airline does not offer it check some other sites I’m sure google can find a company that will insure you for just about anything.

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      I second the carrying your cameras/camcorders on the plane. It’s no sweat in the security check because you just put it in the gray bin and turn it on if they ask. Takes no time at all and you’ll feel a lot better about it. I would never check anything in the bags because of the way they throw those bags around on the plane etc. We even had a small backpack and put both the camera bags in it after we were through security. Not a problem at all!

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