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      I was told to do some research into getting a camera for my school, so here I am, doing research, thanks to you guys πŸ™‚

      The price range I was given is $1000-1300. We are using it to film our chapel services, which are basically like church services. That’s the main use, but it could also be used to film plays and other events in that room. It’s not really an auditorium, just a big room w/ flourescent lights. We are eventually going to get 2 cameras and hook them up to a video switcher/mixer thing, but that will probably be next year, so I want to get something good now that will work with what we’ll get next year also. I know we want to have 2 of the same camera so we don’t have problems with color differences and whatnot. We are going to run an audio feed from the soundboard to the camera so that we can record that also. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t have any brand preference at the moment. I just want to get something decent that won’t be too outdated by the time they get another one to go with this one.

      Thanks, Lee

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      Well, of course if that budget was just a bit higher you would have alot more options but Panasonic has a new (new this year) line of 3CCD cameras around $1000. You may look into those, but whatever you do, get a 3 chipper.

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      I have a Panasonic PVGS200 right now, it’s a 3CCD, and it doesn’t do well at all in low-light. Are all 3 chip cams like that? Or are they getting better? Another thing I definitely need is to have the tape slot on the top instead of the bottom. I’ve used some others that loaded in the bottom, and I coudln’t stand it, it just wasn’t natural. I might be able to talk the VP of the school into pushing the budget up a bit more, but probably not a whole lot. If anyone has any recommendations for specific models, that would be great, thanks,


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      All three chip cams are definately not bad in low light. You will just have to spend more than $1000 to get any camera that does a suitable job in low light. I would recommend getting a sony vx2100 if you want the best low light camera for the money.

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