Need advice: looking to buy equipment for professional out-door interviewing.

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      Hello. My friend and I are hiring someone to do some professional film outdoors.

      Things we need:

      1. Tripod

      2. Camcorder

      We don’t want to get a heavy-duty professional camcorder just yet, because we’re just “trying things out” for now. We’re looking for equipment that will get the job done in a clean matter, yet not be too expensive. Suggestions? Thanks!

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      Not trying to be rude but I might suggest you give us a budget you are trying to work to and someone will be able to point you in the right direction. Not to expensive means different things to different people. Heavy duty professional may mean $50,000 to one person and $5000 to another. Just trying to clarify a price range.


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      Well im not an expert as of yet however from my little experience, the canon Vixia hfs series is prolly the best u can get for under a thousand, its shoots crystal clear and its automatic features are awesome. the best feature i believe is u can get great D.O.F without any adaptors. As far as a tripod is concerned, it’s a hand held unit so a good consumer tripod from best buy should do the trick.

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