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      Hi Everyone,

      Ok, here’s the deal: I’m editing a filmwith Avid Liquid 7 andneed someImage EditingprogramtoPAINT OUTsome wire-work that was done in-camera, and alsoapesky boom shadow on a wall.I know “Photoshop CS3 Extended” is capable ofhandling video clips, butI’m looking fora lower-cost alternative. Is there such a thing? And of course, itmust be capatible withAvid Liquid 7. This situation has put my film on hold, so any informationwould be hugely appreciated!!!

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      I just upgraded from PS-CS2 to CS3 Extended and was not aware that CS3 did video editing. Sorry I can’t help but I want to follow any responses to you. I would also be interested in knowing a bit about doing this in CS3 Extended.


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      Dear DrAW,

      I didn’t mean that CS3 Extendedcan be used for traditional video editing,just image enhancement and painting on video frames. I’ve pretty much decidedto go with After Effects for my painting needs.


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      You can’t get much lower-cost than The Gimp. Its a freeware paint program available for Windows, Mac, UNIX, and Linux. It’s powerful…. but it has a different sort of user interface that takes some getting used to.

      Ken Hull

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      I was going to mention GIMP as well. I began using it alot lately.

      Unfortunately I don’t think still imaging is quite what he was looking for.

      You mentioned a painting out some wire work. I would assume that an after effects such as Adobe or FCP Motion would do something like that but I am not 100%.

      Good luck.

      Please let us know if you find something.

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      I currently own Jasc Paintshop Pro (version 9) and it has a useful clone tool. I have used it to paint out things and to improve appearances. Here are two pictures from my web site, before and after:

      I believe I paid $100 USD for PSP. I cannot speak to the differences between what I have and the PSP Photo X2 that Jasc/Corel sells now…

      Good luck!

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      Photoshop Elements almost dose exactly the same stuff as Photoshop CS3 but only costs $100, but it is way less powerful.

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