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      Odd question and I appologise if something similar has already been posted, but I did not find it in search.
      I have a client who wants me to install a camera to record services. It’s a funeral home. They want the camera permanently mounted in the chapel and feeding to both a computer to capture and send accross their netowrk the "file" of the service, and to also feed an "overflow" room with a projector and screen permanently mounted. The technical part I have no problems with (wiring/distribution/installation), but I need some advice on the camera and editing software. The shop I work for uses Sony PD 170s and Sony VX 2100s. Both are fantastic cameras, but am I going to be wasting money to buy a good "package" with the on-board DV recorder and quality audio? Of course, I will only be using the "camera" part of the unit. (The audio feed will come from the house pa system.) Would I make too much of a sacrifice in quality by trying to find a "stand-alone" camera??

      Part two-We use Adobe Premier Pro 1.5 for editing. While I love the software and it works great for our purposes, I just can’t see training ushers and undertakers to learn Premier. All they need the editing to do is add some "title" pages with the family’s name, loved one, maybe birth/death dates?, etc. They may want to add photos or other titles down the road as clients start to request this, but I still don’t see them needing or wanting to learn most of the features of Premier. I have seen posts on Sony Vegas, but have not used it? How "idiot-proof" is it for this type of use? Any other ideas?

      Thanks all!


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      Very good point comp. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the request came to our shop because we have been the ones doing the videos and they knew I also do installs. (Installs I do are for systems WITH camera ops, and are for "live" video, ie-projected on screen in the hall, although some do include direct-to-dvd stand alone recorders when requested.) They don’t want to pay us to outsource the video work anymore.

      Anyway, good idea on folks getting a start that way. I think I will suggest that to them, and spec a system that includes a tripod camera feeding a wall jack system patched to the "overflow" room projector and a recording system simultaneously. I have a source for custom plates that can do firewire and s-vid. That way, as you mention, they will not get the "security" camera look, but the bulk of the gear will be permanent and out of sight. If the family requests that the service not be recorded, the camera can be stored if the overflow room is not used.

      Thanks for the input! It’s always good to hear other opinions. Sometimes the "forrest through the trees" thing can cloud judgement!



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