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      Hello there. How do you do?

      I need advice regarding video recording. We were trying to make a video documentary about something (the documentary is for a school assignment). There were three crew in my group, including me.

      I usually refer to documentaries made by the Japanese and American (such as American Chopper) since my teacher wants the journalist to be inside the video most of the time. She don’t want the video to be filled by narration. The little bit problem is we aren’t quite sure of how to record our video and whether we (the journalist) should speak spontaneously or not.

      Can you give us small advice please?

      My only equipment are Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG9GX (with a tripod, of course). I can’t afford to buy a high quality voice recorder, so I might only use the camcoder’s internal mic.

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       Pie, I’m sure others besides myself will give some suggestions that might help you in your school assignment. What would probably help others and myself is some more information. Is your assignment to be delivered directly from the camera or memory card to computer monitor/tv or are you downloading to computer and editing and outputing to DVD/Blu-ray? If you are editing you might consider shooting the audio portions from over the shoulder of the speaker showing the speaker in the process of explaining/showing something. This will allow you to add a ‘voice over’ in post without too much concern for syncing and still making for better audio. This is a suggestion but more information will help get more responses.

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      Thank you for replying this thread, Mr. Vid-e-o-man. ^^

      Hmm, I was thinking that after I video record an event I will import the video (raw material) into sony vegas pro. Then I edit the video (inputting subtitles and so on). After exporting the video, I would put the final product (finished video) into a DVD-R.

      Camera –> computer (edit in sony vegas) –> finish product –> DVD-R

      Does the information I give enough? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


      QUOTE: This will allow you to add a ‘voice over’ in post without too much concern for syncing and still making for better audio.

      It means the voice of the speaker/journalist should be clearer than shooting from quite a distance, right?

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       Pie, yes the voice of the speaker recorded directly to the audio track in the edit (doable in vegas M.S.) should give better results than recorded with the onboard mic at some distance (also no background noise to contend with). While shooting over the speaker’s shoulder as he is speaking, the audio can be added in post and the audio doesn’t have to be exactly synced since you don’t see the lips moving. This will not give the appearance of just a narration, fulfilling your teachers wishes. You will need a microphone to plug into your computer. An inexpensive one should give adequate results. Radio Shack carries a fairly inexpensive lavalier or you might be able to find a usb-style of microphone at low cost. I hope this helps start you on your way to completing your project.  

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