Need advice for a good XLR boom microphone.

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      Hey guys, I’ve had some posts in here and have followed the advice given and have been incredibly impressed. Thanks!

      One thing that is really eating me is my shotgun microphone, though. I have a Marantz PMD 660 digital recorder and I love the thing to death and was advised to get the Azden SMG-2X shotgun microphone. Unfortunately, I have not been impressed with the microphone. It picks up a ton of noise even if the mic is almost on top of the subject. I get better audio from the on-board 5.1 microphone on my HDR-SR1 that sits much farther back and it picks up far less noise.

      So my question is three-fold:

      1) I use Audacity, but is there a good audio program that can help clear out a lot of that noise?

      2) Is there a favorite microphone here (money is no object, I really just want to know) with some audio samples that demonstrate it?

      3) Or is there a really good screen that blocks a lot of the ambient noise? I’ve seen some really gnarly looking mop ones on the broadcast microphones I’ve seen. The ones that come with it are kinda okay . . .

      Thanks in advance!

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      check out this thread:

      There’s some good links there with comparisons.[/url]

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      Thanks a ton! πŸ™‚

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      No problem. If its not on Videomaker’s forum, is a huge forum and you can find a lot of great information there.

      In fact, I’m in the same market as you, and I’m probably going to buy a rode NTG-2 mike.

      Also, don’t think you have to buy a boom pole start at $100. Here’s a DIY for much cheaper (at the cost that it won’t look very professional):

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      My favourite:

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