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      I am looking at buying a new camera. I film football games every year for the local high school and have been using a Sony DCR-TRV280 for the past 3 years. I have been wanting to buy the Sony HD1000 for about a year but never had the money. I am also not as familiar with the jargon of video cam specs as i probably should be, but i have noticed in the past few days that the HD1000 has alot of bad reviews for low-light situations. So, i started looking at other cameras in that price range.

      Here is my question for you guys….I have a choice between the Sony HD1000 and the Panasonic HMC70, i know that either of these will probably be better thatn what i already have, but which one would be the best of the two considering what i will be using it for? I really like the idea of having one that can go on my shoulder is why i have been looking at these two. i will be buying something in the next 4-5 days so any advice is appreciated.

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      I own the HD1000 but I use it in controlled lighting situations. Just looking at the spec’s the Panasonic should have the better low light performance. Another big difference is that the Panasonic does not use tape which will present you a different work flow for storage and editing.The Panasonic also has 3 CCD vs a single Cmos sensor in the Sonywhich should be better for sports action.

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      Im wondering if the Panasonic HM70 will have any problems with fast panning? I also have looked at the Panasonic AG-DVC20 and the HMC40. I know people on here will know more about what kind of camera i need for the situation more than i do. I would be willing to go a little of $2k if i have to. Just some suggestions of what would be the best in that price range would be nice.

      I know that anything would probably be better than what ive been using. After looking at some youtube videos made with other cameras, this DCR-TRV280 is really sucky quality. I did notice that it is a CCD, i always thought that it was a CMOS. Just goes to show that all i did with it was film and never paid any attention to what the specs even were.

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      CCD equipped cameras will usually do a better job with swish pans, panning and related movements over CMOS equipped units. That’s why I remain focused (no pun intended) on acquiring the Panasonic HMC 150 before end of 2010, over the HMC 40 (CMOS) and JVC’s competing unit that is loosely comparable to the 150. Canon, IMHO is overpriced, and I personally have no use for interchangeable lenses, having learned my lesson with purchasing the Canon XL1 series – not that there’s anything inherently wrong with having lens choices (provided you can afford the luxury of owning several) but for my primarily EVENT production focus, including youth sports, I’ve found the fixed lens ratios to be more or less acceptable for my shooting needs.

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      thanks for your input EarlC, i guess i need to consider looking more closely at the HMC70. I havent come across any video tests of it in low light but it is a 3CCD.

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