Need a written tutorial on green screening for class.

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      Does anyone know where I can get a good printable guide / short tutorial project for Premiere that I can give my class to teach them how to do basic green screening.

      Thanks for any help.

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      umm…if you’re a teacher shouldn’t you already know? haha nah I’m just busting your balls.

      I’d check the manual first.

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      Do a search for Chromakey, you will find lots of stuff 😉

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      I’ve been using what was Serious Magic and is now Adobe Visual Communicator and Ultra for a couple of years now to produce Friday morning news shows in green screen methods for my Digital Media Tech class…extremely easy to use and well worth the price…should be better supported by Adobe for school use imho…you can probably download trial versions of both…Ultra often comes with the Master Collection…not sure why VC doesn’t…students can produce great stuff in ten minutes with no problems, minimal light concerns, etc. Just wish I knew what older program Serious Magic used to create their virtual sets for Ultra so we could produce our own, tho we’ve put video behind actors using VC and it worked ok…lots of fun!!!

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