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      Thought I’d ask.

      I’ve spent several hours searching, but haven’t had good results.

      I need a video background loop of a fireplace, with mantle, wood burning and crackling.

      The background needs to be large enough the actor can stand beside the fireplace talking.

      Everything I find is a close up of the wood burning fireplace, but not for creating an ambiance for the actor. A kind of comfortable background scene is what I’m looking to accomplish.

      I know I can shoot my own, but I was hoping to find something with a kind of rustic mantle, brick or stone fireplace.

      This is a free shoot for a charity so naturally I’m looking for a free video background.

      I know there are plenty of these backgrounds available. I’ve used them before, but upgraded my computer several times and kind find the HDD with the files.

      Any links or suggestions would be appreciated.

      Happy New Year!

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      You could film the fire burning in a fireplace.

      Then take a still picture of the rustic room you are looking for. Cut out the fireplace and add the video you shot of the fire burning to the spot where the fire should be.

      Then composite your subject into the shot.

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      I don’t see it makes sense to reinvent the wheel.I know what I’m looking for is out there.

      I have DL several over the past few years, but can’t seem to find them by google or my HDD.

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      Well if you spent a long time looking for what you want and can’t find it, you might as well make it yourself as eventvideoguy said. It shouldn’t take long if you know what you are doing.

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      I agree, there is no sense in reinventing the wheel. There are several sources of free footage:,, etc that you can try. Or you could save yourself a lot of time and simply go to or for example and pay for the clip and consider that as your donation – you can get it back from income taxt eventually!

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      This may be what you are looking for?

      Free HD Holiday Stock Footage

Viewing 5 reply threads
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