Need a video editor to do some work on Staten Island

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      I volunteer with a nonprofit on Staten Island NY concerned with community, environment, and environmental justice. They are looking for a videoeditor to work with them to edit videofor a completed 90 minute video. Does have to be a pro but just a good novice. They already began shooting some video. Can pay but very limited budget. Any interest please email:

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      I’ll do it.

      feel free to view my work at

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      Wow – I moved from Staten Island about a year and a half ago – Was very active with the boy Scouts there.

      What is the project – Maybe I can help.

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      It depends on the software capabilities required – I could do it, but I don’t know exactly how any one of us could do it by e-mail. You could upload the footage to someplace with server space so that we could download, but it would take a long time. Could you post more details, such as the format of your stock footage? What kind type of video do you want to edit?

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      Can pay… How much about?

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