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      hey guys,

      so I have some experience in video making but I want to get into it more buy purchasing a camcorder,

      so what I am looking for is a relitivley cheap camer $300-500ish that has a high quality picture (or HD)and can capture images that are going really fast (say 300fps or a paintball) well you get what i mean that it can capture fast moving objects and not blur. so basicly

    • Fast Shutter Speed
    • Manual Control
    • Image Stabilization
    • Large Zoom
    • Low Light Performance
    • Easy toUse
    • but mainly I just want to have a camera to make movies with my friends, not full length productions just a short 5-12 min videos for my school and such,

      also what would be a good editing software to get that is easy for a beginner like me to get and how much it costs and where i can get it/ download it.

      Thanks for reading this and helping me out, like I said I am new to Video making so I am not sure if what I said is exactly industry speak / terms so??? laugh if you want,

      but really thanks guys anything you say will help me out

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    I suggest the Panasonic PV-GS320. Simple cam, easy to use with image stabilization. It has manual shutter speed and offers Firewire connection. Good luck!

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