Need a tripod to film skiing snowboarding

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      Looking for tripod that I can use this winter for filming.

      Ideally it would be lightweight (I do a lot of backcountry and would prefer to not have a huge heavy setup), smooth pan and tilt are a must (especially in cold weather).

      Any specific recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I’ve looked through B&H but I’m hoping someone here has had some experience using tripods in very cold weather.

      With the cold weather my last tripods legs would freeze up making it impossible to fold them up.

      Thanks in advance.

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      EDIT: not “impossible to fold them up”

      I wanted to say that I couldn’t shorten the legs (slide them together)

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      I’m partial to manfrotto, but brands aside here’s some features to look for…

      snaplocks on the legs, twist locks totally suck, screw locks are slow and cumbersome especially with frozen fingertips.

      rubber feet that screw up to reveal metal spikes, not rubber caps that pop off and are easy to lose…

      large controls that can work with gloves/mitts on…

      foam grips over metal legs (even foam pipe insulation taped over metal legs (so round tube legs) to prevent hands from freezing to metal… or carbon fiber…

      ball heads unlike pan/fluid heads tend to not seize up in sub zero temps…

      lastly monopods are a better choice for action/sports …. even seen threaded bolts attached to a ski pole for a smaller camera…

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      Thanks for the info,

      ESPECIALLY MONOPODS, I totally over looked that option. Thank you.

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      For packing into a shooting location, the monopod would be ideal for the smaller cameras. Just sink it into the snow and stomp the snow down tight around it. I packed the larger tripod and kept to rubber feet on to prevent it from sinking.

      in the snow

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