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      Hi all, I am new here. I bought a DV last week. And i took some videos. And i want to edit it with Windows Movie Maker. But i found WMM can not support the video format. So any suggestion which video converter should i use. or which video edit program should i use? Thanks.

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      First off, DV camcorders record in the standard definition DV-AVI format which is universally supported by nearly all editors. If your camcorder is DV/MiniDV, then you’ll need to follow through with the capture process and import the AVI files, unless the import after capture is automated.

      Are you having trouble with the capture process, or do you have problems importing the .AVI files after capturing your video? Windows Movie Maker has full support of the DV-AVI format which should pose no trouble while importing, unless your system bogs out from importing large files.

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      Windows Media Player does not support DV video format, and you can convert your file to WMV format. Try OJOsoft Total Video Converter. It can convert DV file to WMV format well.

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      Windows Movie Maker is a basic video creating/editing software
      introduced by Microsoft. It contains features such as effects,
      transitions, titles/credits, audio track, timeline narration, and Auto
      Movie. It can only accept video files in format AVI, WMV, MPEG, etc.
      So, if you want to import ur DV files to WMM for editing, you need some video conversion tool to convert DV files to WMM-friendly format. You could try Daniusoft video converter, cause Daniusoft always enjoy a high reputation…

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      DV (file format is “DV-AVI”)is a special offset of AVI which, from my self-conducted tests, both Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker support. There may have been a quick, miniature download before the codec would play in WMP, however. WMM does not support codec downloads – no MPEG-2 would play in WMM after downloading the MPEG-2 and AC3 filter. It does appear, however, that Windows Movie Maker has full support of the DV-AVI format. If it supports capturing, then it must have a way of recognizing, which leads to the fact that it also supports the editing of DV-AVI.

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      You’re assuming that it is a DV camera. OP – what is the make and model of the camera?

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      Most video converters in the market can not support the whole video at all. But, after using Moyea Video Converter, I find it very powerful in converting almost all the videos in a faster and easier way.
      Moreover, the built-in multi-thread encoding technology makes the conversion speed faster than ever. It is estimated that you can save at least half time to convert a video with the same size.
      Moyea Video Converter can be easily found via Google.

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      I am using iskysoft video converter.

      For editors, you can use sony vages or adobe premeiere. They are both great video editors and are supposed to support your DV videos.

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      Thanks, guys. i have get the answer, i converted my video to avi format, and what i use is leawo free avi converter. thanks

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