need a camera that looks professional, oh, and shoots great too

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      I’m going to be shooting in public doing interviews out and about at trendy hotspots and need a camera that looks professional without a staggering price. I like the canon xh-a1 but don’t like the price and don’t high def yet, anything a step below that (keep it below $2000), that can be used for greenscreen as well and the vid can downloaded directly to laptop to be finetuned in DV Rack.


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      OK, so you don’t need HD. The Canon GL2 would be an excellent camera for about $2000, maybe a bit less if you look around. The JVC GY-DV300U is another possibility for $2000.

      But if you really want to look professional, a shoulder mount camcorder would be great. Right now, the only choice within your budget is the Panasonic AG-DVC20 (about$1300). Understand the the GL2 is a somewhat better camera, but the DVC20 is still a good camera (and looks very impressive).

      If you should decide to go the HD route, Sony is coming out with a nice shoulder mount HDV camera, the HVR-1000U, in a few weeks. It will cost about $1900. And about April of next year, Panasonic will be coming out with a really nice shoulder mount AVCHD camera for about $2000.

      Good luck!

      Ken Hull

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      or you could take any 3ccd consumer (go hd, you can still shoot sd with those) camcorder that has manual settings, mic input and filterthreads.

      add a hand bracket, mount a rode mic to the bracket, add a video light to the bracket, and mount a mattebox or lenshood to the lens ….

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      If you’re taking video in low light, you should consider the Sony VX-2100. I find it’s excellent in low light situations. Add a Beachtex audio box under it, and a shot gun mike on top, you’ll look pretty professional. And don’t forget to wear some decent looking headphones.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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