Need a backup camera.

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      I shoot wedding and Bar Mitzvah videos. I am transitioning over to a DSLR (Canon D60) camera for my projects. However, for Bar Mitzvah services, and longer wedding services, I need a camera that can last longer than the 10 min. file size. It would also be my backup camera. I use a Canon GL2 now, and I would like something that uses a card and costs around $1000. I would hate to get something expensive now and then kick myself as the next generation DSLR came out. Any suggestions?

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      sony sr 12 records to memory stick and can be had cheap.

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      I think 10 minutes file length is sufficient to record event video. If you record long wedding ceremony and you don’t want tointerruptthe audio, record audioseparatelyon a recorder and use a b-roll in post to connect video files. Canon 7D has up to 4gb file length that translate to about 12-14 min. If you don’t mind to mix camera manufacturer Nikon D7000 has 20 min file length.

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      Video recording time limits for the major video-capable “DSLR”s:

      Canon T2i/T3i/60D/7D/5DMkII – 12 min

      Nikon D5100/D7000 – 20 min

      Sony A77/A65/NEX-7/NEX-5n – 29 minutes

      Panasonic GH2 – Unlimited

      I’ve shot long speeches with the GH2 — it costs less than $1000 – doesn’t overheat, and doesn’t shut down at some arbitrary time limit.



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