Need a 3CCD (Large shoulder type) for use with a telepromter

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      I teach a TV Production class at a local high school and am in need of a larger shoulder carried camcorder with 3CCD for my teleprompter. Currently I have 2 GL1’s for the other two cameras and then a Panasonic AG456 (single CCD) for the teleprompter. Big color difference as you can imagine. If anyone has a camcorder that the heads are worn out or that won’t do anything but turn on and put through a signal (S-Video) to the video switcher please let me know. We have a very limited budget but there has to be an old but useful camera or camcorder out there somewhere. Any other ideas are welcome.

      If you are a big time outfit and wanted to donate we are obviously a non profit and I would gladly send a letter acknowleging the gift for taxes. Thanks !

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      Bought a AG-DP800 S-VHS Pro Supercam on Ebay for just under 300.00. We shoot in DV so I won’t need the S-VHS but the 3-CCD should work well as my teleprompter camera. These appear regularly on Ebay so if it works well I will post the results.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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