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      I’m shooting a large quantity of talking head interviews that will be will be used in a variety of different projects. For efficiency purposes, all interviews will be shot in the same location and against green screen. Later, as I decide which interview clip to use in which project, I will drop in an appropriate background plate.

      MY QUESTION: Where can I find/purchase a large quantity of natural environment background plates? I’m not interested in swirling graphics (of which I can find many), rather I want a good shot of a living room, office, etc. Can anyone recommend a source? As an alternative, has anyone had success using still photos of such environments as background plates? I want the final product to look as real as possible… as if the interview was originally collected in that environment.

      Thanks for your input!

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      If you want the effect to look as real as possible, then you should shoot the still images yourself and light each scene so it matches the lighting of the interviews.

      You will also need to properly light each interview so you don’t get a cheap green screen look. It would also be in your best interest to shoot with a good camera so you can pull a good key

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      What Rob said is true. I have used some indoor stills I picked up and used the free ones, throw some blur on it and get a nice DOF look. If you’re thinking exteriors, and want it to look as real as possible, moving video would be best, still shots of trees, water etc are going to look like still shots.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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