Native HDV reader for WindowsXP?

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      This may be a naive question. I am very comfortable with using Vegas and my standard camcorder. I recently switched to HDV (HC3). I am able to import the files through iLink and edit them using Vegas. However, I can’t use WindowsMediaPlayer or RealPlayer to view the native files. I generally do this as a "pre" step to organize the movie.

      Is there a way to change the file formats coming off the camera or to download a player somewhere?

      Also, for my curiosity, is there a standard for HD tape, e.g. can my Sony recorded tape play in a Canon HDV camera and vice versa?

      Thank you for any insights.

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      File from HVD camera captured as MPEG2 transport stream file.
      You may be able to play it with Elecard player if your computer is fast enough (at least 2.8 GHz)
      download player at
      same player can play H.264 (AVC) if Elecard player AVC plugin is also installed.

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      If you are looking for programs to play those file, check with VLC or Media Player Classic. Both of those are usually pretty good. Also, make sure your computer is up to the task hardware wise, as you need a more powerful computer to play HD video smoothly.

      As far as tape goes, the “standard” is DV. But when you go to the store, you will see DV and HDV tapes. You can actually shoot HD on the DV tapes if you want to save money. HDV is usually at a higher standard and will have less of a chance of dropouts when recording. I would just stay with DV tapes, unless you have something extremely important you are recording, such as a wedding, then you may want to go to an HDV tape.

      Also, be cautious when using Sony tapes as some, if not all, use a wet lubrication system. The other tapes, such as TDK, Maxellor Panasonic is usually dry lubrication system. The Sony tapes may cause issues when you use them, then try to go to a dry tape. I would personally not use the Sony tapes and go with a dry tape and stick with it. Choose a brand and stick with it for fewer problems.

      I would recommend going with Panasonic.

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