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      In our local weekend paper there was antwelve page spread about the newNational Personnel Records Center in the Metro Saint Louis, Missouri area. I thought that I wouldshare some links to it. If you are a veteran or relative of a veteran, you may need the information available here for a claim. In addition to this use of this facility, there is available information about the military service of ‘Persons of Exceptional Prominence’. They have digitized the military records of at least 100 (and counting) famous people (actors, presidents, generals, artists, authors, producers, athletes, astronauts, etc.) and these are available to the public on CDs or DVDs for $20-$200 (dependent of the quantity of pages-100 to 1800+ pages). If you are creating a documentary and need some material, this might be a source for it. I believe that you are free to use any document produced by the government. Some of you legal Beagles can chime in on this.

      Link to the center:

      Link to list of PEP:

      For more information on how to order copies of PEP records, email:

      or call: 314-801-0847.

      I hope that this info is helpful to someone.

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